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If you have a passionate and turbulent relationship then it has a karmic foundation. As perceive from the karma book, karma is connect to karmic relationships because they are seen as relationships that are necessary for our own development. These bonds put us to the test in terms of our capacity for love and intimacy. According to popular belief, unresolved problems from a prior life give rise to karmic connections. You learn valuable lessons and receive directional guidance from these partnerships. Despite having high highs and deep lows frequently, karmic connections can feel all-consuming and magnetic. Because of the strong emotions experience by both partners at the beginning of a karmic relationship, people frequently confuse them with soulmate partnerships. Karmic relationships, however, are not destine to be and frequently last for a very brief period of time, unlike soulmate connections.

Swift Connection

It is possible to experience an instant connection with your new companion when you are in a karmic relationship. Whether it is love at first sight, instant chemistry, or a more understate emotion in the beginning stages of the relationship, you will probably feel strongly pulled to your significant other from a very early stage of the connection. The reason for this is that energy and karma may have brought the both of you together in a previous life. It makes sense then why you connect or find things in common right away.

A Great Deal of Drama

As you may have seen in the Karmic series, karmic relationships are mark by a lot of drama and emotions in addition to an early bond. Your spouse and you will likely experience many additional emotions in your relationship that could lead to a lot of turmoil because of the immediate attraction that brought you two together. This turmoil frequently contributes to the breakup/reunion cycle that characterises karmic couples. Even while it is nearly impossible to completely eliminate turmoil in a relationship, the majority of happy partnerships only experience a little bit of drama. It is clear that both you and your companion are in a karmic relationship if there is a frequent conflict between you.

You Are Addicted

A karmic relationship can feel addictive due to the quick connection you have there (and occasionally due to the drama). Even though you know the relationship is unhealthy, you and your companion were drawn to one another for a motive, and this reason maintains you in the relationship.

A Lot of Highs and Lows

There might be many highs and lows due to the intensity of karmic relationships. On the surface, you and your companion may seem to be a perfect match, which can result in exhilarating highs, loads of enjoyment, and intense desire. However, as you are not actually compatible with each other these highs will climax and turn into very low periods, which are frequently mark by drama, fighting, and breaking everything off. The relationship’s highs and lows can reveal a great deal about who you are and what you need from a partner in the future. Even while these ups and downs are taxing, keep in mind that karmic partnerships are frequently about learning. As a result, even if they are difficult, they are educating you a lot regarding your endurance, goals, and requirements in a relationship.


Many couples develop a lot of neediness as a result of their karmic relationships. When a relationship is young, it is possible to become so attract to one another that you become codependent and forget who you are as an individual. Spending all of your time with your spouse, asking them for advice when making decisions, and putting aside your own needs and interests in order to please your partner are all signs of codependency. In a partnership, codependency can result in other undesirable behaviors. Your relationship is karmic if both you and your companion are codependent on one another.

Brings Out Your Worst Traits

Karmic connections are not healthy connections, as we have previously state. Partner edification and improvement of one another are hallmarks of a happy marriage. People’s worst traits frequently surface in karmic connections. This is a result of fear on the side of both partners, either of destroying what they now have or of seeing a positive moment in the relationship become negative. Along with other negative emotions and traits, this might result in feelings of envy and possessiveness.

Never feel Content

People never feel really at ease since karmic connections are such a rollercoaster of highs and lows. In a good relationship, you gradually start to lower your guard as you get to understand each other better. This is because you feel more at ease with one another as you grow to know one another better. In karmic relationships, this does not happen, which can make partners feel on edge and like they are always on the defensive, waiting for things to go awry in the relationship.

Concerned About the Outcome

Partners may have ongoing anxiety about the partnership’s future if they feel that they have never found a place to call home in their relationship. Due to the turbulence and unpredictability of karmic relationships, a small argument that seems to have the potential to grow into something bigger may actually end up destroying the relationship. Indicators of a karmic connection include the feeling that you are constantly “waiting for the other shoe to drop” in your union.

Repetitive Conduct

Repetitive behaviour is another characteristic of karmic ties. Having the same arguments repeatedly is frequently the result of this repetitive habit. In karmic relationships, keep in mind that the compatibility of the partners may not always be high, which can cause many arguments as well as inconsistent conduct and expectations. Even when you are really connect with your partner, relationships may be challenging. As a result, the mismatch in karmic relationships causes many arguments (often concerning the same issues repeatedly), which in turn causes the make-up break-up cycles we have discuss.

You Are Worn Out

Karmic connections are extremely draining on the body, mind, and spirit. We frequently undervalue how challenging it is to remain in a continuous state of drama, and contention, and worry that the relationships will break down. People’s emotional, mental, and physical health may suffer as a result of the uncertainty and turbulence that come with karmic connections, and they may find it difficult to cope with the strain of the toxic relationship. In case your relationship is leaving you exhaust, this is an indication that you are involve in a karmic connection.

It is Not Long-Lasting

When a karmic relationship ultimately ends, that is one of the most glaring indications of it. There is no such thing as a karmic relationship, and they will not endure. Even if both parties have given their best efforts to keep the relationship going, the instability, the drama, as well as the basic surface-level chemistry will eventually bring it to an end. The relationship will inevitably come to an end after a few splits and reconciliations. Karmic partnerships are meant to come to an end because their purpose is to teach you lessons in life.


It is critical for you to establish a strategy to end the relationship if you recognize any of these warning signs and believe you may be involve in a karmic connection. Even though karmic connections are not always harmful, many of their traits have the potential to develop into abuse if they are not control. Karmic interactions are intend to enlighten you regarding your relationship with other people and with yourself. Unless they are able to develop into a more wholesome and balance relationship, they are not meant to last forever.

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