Common Questions and Answers

Where is Karmic's Karma Shop located?

Karmic’s Karma shop is Located in CANADA, just outside of Beautiful Vancouver British Columbia.

Is there a physical shop I can visit?

No. Karmic’s Karma Shop is an online shop only. Unfortunately, due to Covid a physical shop would not be beneficial to the operations of this company. We only operate online at http://www.karmicseries.ca, karmicseries.com and karmicskarmashop.com, and have a shop on Facebook and Instagram at @karmicspage. You can visit the social shops by clicking the ICONS at the bottom of any page.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship world-wide!

Do you offer free shipping?

As the company grows we may, from time to time, offer free shipping to our MEMBERSHIPS on select products and/or catagories. We wish to keep our free  shipping and discounts for members only.

How was the shop founded?

Karmic’s Karma shop is inspired by KARMIC’S graphic Novel BOOK series available 11/11/21.

To learn more about the series visit here KARMIC’S BOOKS

How can I contact the owner/author directly?

You can visit the ABOUT US tab and visit the Authors website and contact her directly through there, or click here; www.terrilynegedanitz.com

Do I need to pay money or purchase anything to be a Karma Points Member?

No. It is FREE to join and no purchase is required to be a member.

How do I sign-up for a membership?

Click on MY ACCOUNTS and sign up with your email address. It is simple and FREE to join!

The 20% discount isn't showing up in my cart at checkout, what do I do?

When you signed up for Karma Points this gave you your own account page  located in MY ACCOUNTS, where you can keep track of all your orders, discounts and points. Under your KARMA POINTS tab you will need to Activate KARMAVIP membership in order for the 20% discount to reflect on your purchases. Directions on how to do this is found on the MY ACCOUNTS page.

Why does it automatically take 1-Point from my Karma Points Balance when I sign-up for KARMAVIP Membership?

Each membership through KARMA POINTS requires points to join. 1 point to join KARMAVIP is included in your sign-up bonus.

Ii my information safe when I join?

Yes, we ensure all our security databases are up-to-date and secure to offer you peace of mind when you become a memeber and shop with us. Please read our PRIVACY POLICY for more details on your privacy with us.

What do I do if my order hasn't shown up in the estimated delivery time?

After the 2-7 business days when your purchase is being made for you and you haven’t received your order, then contact us through the CONTACT US tab with your order details so we can look into the delay. Please read our SHIPPING AND RETURNS POLICY for more details.

I don't like my purchase, can I get a refund?

No. Unfortunately, all our products are customized and made at the time you order them and is made for you specifically. Returns and Refunds are only given if there is a manufacturing issue with the product itself or a design issue.  In which case, it is recommended you contact us first with pictures before you return any items. Please see TERMS AND CONDITIONS and SHIPPING AND RETURNS POLICY.

I ordered the wrong size, can I exchange my Item?

Unfortunately, we do not offer exchanges on sizes or colors. Since each order is made on demand, we encourage you to get familiar with our size charts located in the product menus and ensure you are ordering the right sizes and colors.

I have been a bad person, will Karma Points make my life better?

Karma is all about your intentions and your actions. We are afraid that our points system will only reward the actions you take in our shop and can’t help you with your other actions. However, we can ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE you to be a better person and by supporting this shop you are showing actions towards that! CONGRATS!